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Straightedge provides a central, reliable repository of contracts and licence information for procurement and contract managers and service delivery.    It enables effective decision making and delivers cost savings,  compliance, risk mitigation and enhanced security. …

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ITIL DSL DML and Straightedge
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Success with ITAM and dependent projects like SAM/HAM, is based on having accurate procurement data (what’s been purchased, how can it be deployed, what usage restrictions/benefits there are etc.)  The usage and deployment data (what is actually installed) is also needed for the compliance reporting but is not part of the DSL/DML structure.

In ITIL terms the DSL (Definitive Software Library) contains software licence information.  The DML (Definitive Media Library) is a reference to the physical media or the location of the software product.  Whilst in ITIL V3 the two terms (DSL and DML) have been amalgamated and called the DML, for practical purposes it is worth keeping to two entities separate with a defined link simply because of who has responsibility for managing the two sets of data.

To achieve maximum accuracy, the DSL ideally should be managed by the procurement source, the DML by a secure function in the IT service delivery organisation.

With Straightedge, you get the best of all worlds:

  • Intuitive and complete source data management for the DSL
  • Linkage and reference point to the DML library
  • Documentation for proof of purchase/licence
  • Extendable link to usage data to give compliance reporting

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Straightedge is Ready to go
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Straightedge has lots of new and exciting features many of which are in response to requests from our users ‘it would be really great if I could…….’.  If you want full details of the changes …

Straightedge – the Basics
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Straightedge addresses a number of challenges.  Our aim is to deliver an intuitive system that fully satisfies the day to day needs of procurement, contract and supplier/publisher management right through to technical/operational service delivery.
The Straightedge system incorporates …

ComplyMan in a Nutshell
02/11/2016 – 9:29 AM | Comments Off on ComplyMan in a Nutshell
ComplyMan in a Nutshell

ComplyMan is an intuitive information management tool.  The aim is to address day to day compliance issues and the reporting needs of outsourcing, reorganisation or M and A activities.  It is the tool of choice for organisations that require a comprehensive view …

Our Product Development Strategy
12/15/2015 – 3:15 PM | Comments Off on Our Product Development Strategy

Our aim is to provide a tool that is easy to use, intuitive and yet retains the key information without being cumbersome. It is important to establish system interfaces and incorporate local standards.  We facilitate the set up process by providing …

Back to Basics
11/18/2015 – 12:56 PM | Comments Off on Back to Basics

SAM and ITAM processes are increasingly mature yet complex. However, the fundamental challenge of gaps in inventory of licence processes remains almost unchanged. Publishers  may use sophisticated algorithms to inform and exploit these shortcomings. These process gaps are …

Managing Software Licensing Proactively
11/18/2015 – 9:34 AM | Comments Off on Managing Software Licensing Proactively
Managing Software Licensing Proactively

Software licences are assets.  Until recently, the asset value of software  could be zero or even have penalties if licences were to be transferred.  The latest  changes in legislation allowing software licences to be resold has changed that.  We cannot treat software licences …

ComplyMan Data Control
10/23/2014 – 12:13 PM | Comments Off on ComplyMan Data Control

Vital data? That’s a list of what you’ve bought (licences or assets) with a list of the terms (restrictive or otherwise). The key is accuracy, our approach is to provide a system that is easy …

Flexible Mobile Scanning Solution
10/23/2014 – 10:52 AM | Comments Off on Flexible Mobile Scanning Solution

We sometimes get accused of hiding our product’s light under a bushel.  Our ScanMan product is a good example.  ScanMan runs as an app on mobile devices.  The aim is to collect inventory data (via …

Asset Control
06/24/2013 – 9:31 AM | Comments Off on Asset Control
Asset Control

Knowing Your Assets
It’s difficult to come up with the facts about the assets purchased, deployed in use or surplus and reusable.  Software licences are arguably the most difficult to control, Straightedge can provide all the …